MyJICT, Malaysian Journal of Information and Communication Technology, is devoted to disseminate high quality refereed articles in the field of ICT. It is an bianually published journal, and also will be available online for free.

We would like to invite all the researches, academicians, and ICT professionals throughout Malaysia to contribute to this journal.


” Information and Communication Technology for the Society”

The scopes of the journal are;

ICT and Islam
ICT as a tool in Islamic education
Disseminating Islamic information using ICT
Syariah and ICT
Integrated Knowledge in ICT subjects
Educational Technology
ICT Curriculum Development
Long life learning
Multimedia and Education
Inculcating Moral Values in Multimedia Content
Virtual Reality
Courseware development
Multimedia database
Business and ICT
Business using ICT tools
E-business Ethics
Syariah in E-business
Dakwah Through Electronic Medium
Knowledge Society
Digital divide
Human Capital and ICT
Life-long learning
Training through ICT
Knowledge Management in Workplace
Mobile computing
Mobile content
Mobile learning
Mobile commerce
Mobile banking
System Development & Application
Software Engineering Ethics
Software engineering
Operating Systems,
Open source
Industrial application systems
Web-based information systems
Knowledge-based applications
Simulation and visualization
Intelligent systems
Adaptive systems
Voice recognition systems
Knowledge engineering
Medical informatics
Evaluation of systems
Electronic records management
Evaluation Methodology
Ethical Hacking
Nature of software
Knowledge management
Knowledge representation
Artificial intelligence
Data mining
Cryptography & Compression
Pattern recognition
Agent technologies
Information storage and retrieval
Computer security
Cognitive Science, Natural & Artificial Knowledge
Artificial Intelligence and Human Potential
Natural intelligence
Expert systems
Natural knowledge
Artificial knowledge
Pattern recognition
Personalized knowledge
Genetic computing
Human-Computer Interface
Neural computation
Comparative programming
Neural informatics
Quantum processing
Cognitive Linguistics
Machine learning

ICT and Islam

ICT as a tool in Islamic education, Disseminating Islamic information using ICT, Syariah and ICT


Multimedia and Education, Inculcating Moral Values in Multimedia Content, Virtual Reality, Courseware development, Multimedia database

Business and ICT

Business using ICT tools, E-business, E-business Ethics, Syariah in E-business, E-marketing, E-government

Applications of Mathematics, Science Technology using ICT


Dakwah Through Electronic Medium, Knowledge Society, Digital divide

Human Capital and ICT

Training through ICT, Knowledge Management in Workplace


Educational Technology, Integrated Knowledge in ICT subjects, ICT Curriculum Development, E-learning, Blended Learning

E-marketing, E-business, E-government

Knowledge Society, Digital divide, Knowledge society indicators

Mobile computing
Mobile learning, Mobile content, Mobile commerce, Mobile banking

System Development & Application
Software engineering, Operating Systems, Open source, Industrial application systems, Web-based information systems, Knowledge-based applications, Simulation and visualization, Intelligent systems, Adaptive systems, Voice recognition systems, Knowledge engineering, Medical informatics, Evaluation of systems, Electronic records management, Evaluation Methodology



Ethical Hacking, Knowledge management, Knowledge representation, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Cryptography & Compression, Pattern recognition, Agent technologies, Information storage and retrieval, Networking, Information security


Cognitive Science, Natural & Artificial Knowledge
Artificial Intelligence and Human Potential, Natural intelligence, Expert systems, Natural knowledge, Artificial knowledge, Pattern recognition, Personalized knowledge, Genetic computing, Human-Computer Interface, Neural computation, Comparative programming, Neural informatics, Quantum processing, Cognitive Linguistics, Fuzzy logic, Machine learning, Neural networks