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The Innovation Of ICT and New Media



Database and Programming, Semantic Technology, Information Visualisation, Quantum Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Cyber Security Technology,Computer Vision and Robotics, Operating Systems, Data Mining, Information retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Media Analytics , Speech Processing, Data & Knowledge Engineering, Signal and Image Processing, Scientific Computing, Computational Optimisation, Intelligent System, Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing,Internet of Things (IoT),Information Systems,Management Information System,Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Information Security, Cryptography, Network Security, Bioinformatics and Telemedicine, Imaging Sensors and Acquisition Systems, Decision Support Systems, Machine Translation, Motion Detection and Estimation, Multispectral, Colour and Texture Processing, Plenoptic Image Processing, Adaptive and Fuzzy Processing.


Multimedia in Education, 3-D processing, Design and Construction, Games, Intelligent Multimedia Interface, Multimedia Communication, Multimedia Content Security, Multimedia Copyright Protection, Multimedia Data Mining, Multimedia Processing, Multimedia Semantic Analysis, Multimedia Content Understanding, Multimedia Database Management, Image Rendering and Quality, Innovative Multimedia Systems or Devices, Intelligent e-Health based on Multimedia Analysis, Internet/Mobile Multimedia Sharing, Computational Photography, Multimedia Services and Applications, Multimedia Information Systems, Mobile Games, Game Evaluations, Human-Computer Interaction, Game Design and Gamification, Augmented Reality, Alternate Reality Games, Virtual Environments, Serious Games, Crime Detection based on Multimedia Analysis.


Algorithm and Programming, Requirement Engineering, Software Architecture, Testing , verification and validation, Quality Metric and Measurement, Maintenance and Evolution, Security , Safety and Reliability, Agile Software Development, Empirical Software Engineering, Object and Component Based Software Engineering, Cloud, Web-Based , Agent Based, Distributed and Parallel, Knowledge Based, Intelligent Based, Software Reuse, Formal Method, Context Aware and Adaptive System, Mobile and Ubiquitous Software System, Real-Time and Embedded Systems.


ICT and the Islamic Perspective, ICT as Medium of Da’wah, ICT and New Approach in Arabic Learning, Learning Techology in Arabic, Learning Technology in Hifz Quran,Multimedia in Education , Information Technology in Society, Information Policy, Social Media and Community, Social impact of IT, Emerging Technologies, Multimedia and Society, Multimedia Education, Long-life Learning, E-Commerce, Current Issues of ICT and Society, Knowledge Management, ICT in Education.Cyber Security issues. Digital Game Based Learning, Impact Of Digital Games, Games for Learning and Wellbeing, Learning Systems, Information Governance, Electronic Government, Long-life Learning, Cyber Law and Ethics.



Cloud Computing and Big Data, Communications and Information Security, Communication QoS and System Modeling, Internet Services and Application, Green Computing, Communications and Networking, Machine Learning for Networking, Mobile Computing and Vehicle Communication, Network Algorithms and Performance Evaluation, Optical and Grid Networking,Signal Processing for Communications, Wireless Communications, Wireless Networks, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Pervasive Computing and Network, Cloud and Distributed Computing , Sensors and Telemetry System.