Kenapa dalam index.php WordPress tulis komen silence is golden

Sekarang baru faham kenapa dalam folder wordpress ni ada file index.php, tapi dalam fail itu hanya tulis komen //silence is golden… Saya cuba tidak letakkan file index.php tu dlm plugin yg saya buat. Apabila saya cuba akses folder plugin saya… Continue Reading →

BillPlz integrating with WordPress WooCommerce

Acquiring BillPlz account BillPlz is a startup in Malaysia providing third party  online payment solutions that integrates local Malaysia online banking and also credit card and e-wallet. Register yourself at BillPlz.com – should you only trying to access the dummy… Continue Reading →

Hestia WordPress template

This tutorial is to setup Hestia as the WordPress template, and tweaking some configurations. Go to the WordPress wp-admin panel. In APPEARANCE add new template.   Search for the theme named HESTIA.   When installation finished, click the button ACTIVATE… Continue Reading →

Build a WordPress page using Elementor

Elementor is a popular WordPress plugins to build beautiful wordpress page. Unlock all themes and WooCommerce block by registering Pro version. However you could opt the free version for trial purpose. Get the free version at Elementor.com – once download… Continue Reading →

WordPress important settings

The tutorial will explain few issues regarding WordPress settings that are available in the WP-ADMIN dashboard panel; General settings, Reading settings, Permanent link pattern, Comment settings, Themes, Menu   General Settings Provide the website title, tagline and admin’s email. Permalink… Continue Reading →

Installing WordPress through Softaculous in Shared Hosting

We are currently using shared-hosting as the web server. Entering the web hosting through CPanel, and will be installing WordPress through Softaculous apps installer. Find and run Softaculous   Find and install WordPress in Softaculous. Provide basic website information; folder, site… Continue Reading →

Starting a WordPress blog content

fstm.kuis.edu.my/blog/wordpress   WORDPRESS & WOOCOMMERCE TRAINING Installing WordPress through Softaculous in Shared Hosting WordPress menu settings Starting a WordPress blog content Hestia WordPress template Installing WooCommerce in WordPress Build a WordPress page using Elementor BillPlz integrating with WordPress WooCommerce SEO… Continue Reading →

SEO WordPress – katakunci sasaran Kursus Komputer

Apa itu SEO? Search engine optimization atau kaedah pengoptimasian website untuk enjin carian seperti Google. Dalam tutorial ini kami cuba posting dalam WordPress dengan  target keyword kursus komputer . Implementasi SEO bertujuan untuk membantu menaikkan ranking website pad  enjin carian,… Continue Reading →

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