The tutorial will explain few issues regarding WordPress settings that are available in the WP-ADMIN dashboard panel;

  1. General settings,
  2. Reading settings,
  3. Permanent link pattern,
  4. Comment settings,
  5. Themes,
  6. Menu


General Settings

Provide the website title, tagline and admin’s email.

General WordPress settings

General WordPress settings


Go to Settings -> Permalinks, choose post name to provide simple links and SEO friendly.

wordpress Permalinks - post name - simple and SEO friendly

wordpress Permalinks – post name – simple and SEO friendly

Reading settings

Choose a static page setting to display a page as the homepage. The option “Your latest post” is to display a list of your current blog postings.

Wordpress reading settings

WordPress reading settings


You may enable/disable comments at Settings->Discussions

Wordpress comment enable

WordPress comment enable

Themes settings

Add or change Themes in Appeareance -> Themes

Wordpress themes settings

WordPress themes settings



Adjust the WordPress menu in Appearance -> Menu

Wordpress menu settings

WordPress menu settings


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