Python Training for Youth is designed to teach participants to learn Python programming in a real software development environment. Python is a general-purpose, versatile and modern programming language. The code is concise and easy to read, making it the best programming language to learn firstly. It’s very popular and used by top-tier organizations e.g. Google, Facebook, NASA and CIA. Learn to use it for everything from web development to software design and scientific computing applications.

TRAINER: Dr Aisyah Mat Jasin
14 Nov 2019 ( Thursday, 9am – 4pm)
Location: ComputerLab 2,

Course Outline:

1. Basic Concepts
2. Numerical & String Operations
3. Simple Input & Output
4. Variables
5. Control Structures
6. Boolean Logic & Comparisons
7. if & else Statements
8. while & for Loops
9. Functions & Modules
10. Comments & Docstrings
11. Exceptions & Error Handling
12. Data Types
13. Basic Machine Learning
14. Numpy :array & matrices
15. Panda : data manipulation
16. Matplotlib :data visualization
17. Machine Learning :Linear method for regression
Notes/module is here

DAY2 (not included in one day training)
13. File Input / Output
14. Functional Programming
15. Object-Oriented Programming
16. Classes & Static Methods
17. Regular Expressions
18. Libraries & Packaging

1. Syntax
2. Selection IF ELSE
3. Iteration FOR WHILE
4. Functions
5. Complete more notes/modules

* For school principals, teachers, parents and/or PIBG committee who are interested to have the course running in their schools/learning centres/community centres, personalised school outreach programme could be provided.

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Kursus Python Training FSTM KUIS

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