This course is a theoretical and hands on course about Metaverse, a platform that makes
it easy to create Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Experiences.

• Augmented Reality Geeks
• Anyone who wants to Know what is Augmented Reality
• Anyone who wants to start playing with Augmented Reality at home without advance equipment


  1. Introduction & Getting Started
    a. Introduction of course & Taaruf Session
    b. Overview of Augmented Reality
    c. How Augmented Reality Work
    d. Types of Augmented Reality
    e. Examples of Augmented Reality: A Merge Cube
  2. Create AR Cube At Home
    a. Prepare Merge Cube
    b. Downloading the Apps and Playing in Augmented Reality
  3. Creating Your Augmented Reality Experience with Metaverse
    a. Introduction to Metaverse (what & Why)
    b. Examples of project from Metaverse
    c. Register Multiverse and metaverse apps installation (for experience view)
    d. Introduction to Multiverse Interface (Studio Basic)
    i. Dashboard Page
    ii. Experience Storyboard
    iii. Publishing Experience
    e. Detail Process in Metaverse
    i. Character scenes
    ii. Text Input Scenes
    iii. AR Portals & 360 scenes
    iv. Media Walls
    v. Poll Scenes
    vi. Using Digital Items
    vii. Webview Scenes
    viii. Camera Scenes & Camera Frames)
    ix. Youtube Scenes
    x. Probability Blocks
    xi. Create a Leaderboard
    xii. Property Blocks
    xiii. Google Vision Blocks
    xiv. Timer controls
    xv. Adding a gps location
  4. Creating Your Augmented Reality Experience with Metaverse – continue
    a. Create a Multiple Choice Question (Simple Trivia)
    b. Create a free response Question
    c. Create a Selfie Photo wall
    d. Create a AR Portal
Augmented reality Kursus Metaverse Oktober 2020 FSTM KOKUIS Politeknik Nilai

Nur Muizz Mohamed Salleh
Metaverse Trainer

METAVERSE - Augmented Reality Made Easy
METAVERSE – Augmented Reality Made Easy

Interested contact Muizz

Unity3D and Vuforia 

  • Vuforia Engine in Unity
  • About Vuforia Engine
  • Installing Vuforia Engine
  • Create a new Unity project
  • Vuforia Engine Game Objects
  • Activate Vuforia Engine in your project
  • Accessing Vuforia Engine features in Unity
  • Add Targets to your scene
  • Adding digital assets
  • Playing the scene
  • Building and running your app
  • Publish APK for Android phone

Interested contact Muizz 0189899072

Unity3D and Vuforia 

Interested contact Muizz