#FSTMKUIS & UM are proud to organize six highly specialized professional trainings;

  1. Adobe Illustrator for Beginner 9am-5pm MK 5, KUIS RM100 Pn Hazwani Husnin (KUIS)
  2. Mobile Apps Development without Coding 9am-12pm MK 8, KUIS RM100 Pn Asrina Suriani (KUIS)
  3. Deep Learning Essentials 9am-5pm MK 6, KUIS RM200 Dr Aznul Qalid (UM)
  4. LaTex for Effective Academic Writing 9am-5pm MK 11, KUIS RM200 Dr Ali (UM)
  5. AinulQuran: Arabic Quran Learning & Visualization System 9am-12pm MK 1, KUIS RM200 Dr Raja Jamilah (UM)
  6. Outdoor Photography 9am-12pm DKIT, KUIS RM60 TBA (Canon Malaysia)


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Training Posters

Adobe Illustrator for Beginner is conducted to provide exposures to the participants about producing graphic design through the said software. Participants will be exposed to techniques in producing logo, vector images, typography and layout using Adobe Illustrator.

Developing mobile applications without requiring programming skills for Google’s Android. This training will utilize AppyPie development platform which provides drag-and-drop facilities to build mobile apps. The platform will help you design the mobile apps step-by-step with no coding skills.

Deep Learning is considered state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm currently. It has transcended across various domains – from fintech to medical. Its versatility in terms of applicability is what makes it to be highly appealing to both academia and industry.